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Creative marketing solutions from a team in the technical universe.

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Good people giving life to ideas.

Ideas that never progress beyond being ideas lose their power. At SwellFox, we give life to ideas, taking them through the process that slowly forms them into reality. In all we do, we follow a few core values that shape our decision making and our actions: create good, maintain freedom to learn and grow, rise together, and strive for quality.

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We created CircuitBread to make learning electronics easy and enjoyable. We continually post new tutorials, tools, equations, reference materials, social media content and more.

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SwellFox is my team's trusty go-to. Even though they are a separate entity, they operate as an essential extension of our marketing team. They help us with content creation, video, photography, graphic design—and there are many other projects on the horizon! I have yet to come across an agency that has bridged the gap between the technical and the creative as effectively as SwellFox has. My team and I breathe a collective sigh of relief any time a deliverable is provided. Not everyone we've worked with in the past deliver quality like they do. Thanks SwellFox for making me look good in front of the CUI Devices' sales team, engineering team, and product management team who now all whisper "SwellFox" with us whenever they have a project they need help with!

Shanari Baird Marketing Manager

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